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About Early Diagnosis Foundation

The Early Diagnosis Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Greg and Marty Woehrle in 2018 when a series of life threatening symptoms prompted their need to explore ways to improve the early medical diagnosis processes. Following a five-year struggle beset with continued misdiagnosis, the Woehrle’s finally discovered that Marty had a common form of Lupus disease. Unfortunately, the delayed diagnosis and the untreated Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Lupus disease advanced to a more serious Lupus Nephritis (during which time the undetected Lupus disease attacked her kidney, which nearly resulted in chronic kidney failure).

The Early Diagnosis Foundation is committed to improving the effectiveness of the early diagnosis process in major medical and healthcare organizations. It is the goal of the Early Diagnosis Foundation to help improve early diagnosis detection options for people of all income levels and to support organizations committed to the early diagnosis of major diseases through charitable associations and donations. By identifying untreated symptoms early and before they become chronic disease, we can change lives and mitigate suffering. In addition to developing strategies for early diagnosis, EDF is developing an early diagnosis kit that will provide alerts to help identify potential symptoms that could lead to chronic to disease. A major goal of EDF is to strategically develop early diagnosis kits for distributed by hospitals, insurance companies and charitable organizations; leading to national distribution among the public and private sector.


Early Diagnosis Foundation is dedicated to supporting and funding established organizations committed to the early diagnosis of acute symptoms that lead to chronic disease.  EDF brings professional resources to those who suffer from undetected illness and would benefit from early detection diagnosis by identifying related symptoms before they progress to chronic disease. 

Greg Woehrle

Gregory is the passionate co-founder of the Early Diagnosis Foundation and he possesses a fervent interest in improving early diagnosis practices.  He and his wife, Marty have been personally impacted and motivated by Marty’s battle with Lupus disease.

Gregory is the owner of Woehrle Development and Woehrle and Sons Builders. He is a principle developer of high-end real estate in the Greater Bay Area. He established the Lucas Ranch Gallery (LR Gallery), the brick and mortar location of the Early Diagnosis Foundation.

Gregory possesses over 27 years of experience as a builder, developer and real estate broker. He has been an active church and community volunteer as well as youth league coach for basketball, baseball and volleyball. Gregory is completing his doctorate degree in Leadership Management at Capella University, Minneapolis, MN in 2019 and holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and has a California State Contractor’s License, Class B.  Gregory graduated from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Public Administration in 1988.